New Generation Jazz

New Generation Jazz

New Generation Jazz

New Generation Jazz in Brighton

Pete Hill Quintet

Growing up with a broad palette of influences including Rock, Soul and Jazz, Pete Hill has always admired bands such as Weather Report, Jaga Jazzist and Kneebody for being able to combine different styles in a way that felt organic, captivating and uniquely their own.

Making use of electronic instruments and sound manipulation the quintet explore dark sonic territory usually found in progressive rock and dance music. Frenetic passages of group improvisation combine with tight rhythmic interplay and heavy driving grooves that culminate in blissful open melodies awash with reverb and delay. At times explosive but others gentle and nuanced the band has underlying intensity throughout that is both musically empathic and unapologetically creative.       


Pete is joined by Jack Stephenson Oliver (Vels Trio) keys, Johnny Chung (Glasshopper) saxophone, Jamie Leeming (Alfa Mist) guitar and Rhys Lovell (The Miserable Rich) Bass.

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